30 day healthy gut  testimonial

30 Day Healthy Gut Programme

Right from the first moment I had met her, Sandra made me feel at ease and, without me even realising it at the time, her enthusiasm and passion to keep fit made me push myself harder than ever before.

We chatted about how I wanted to introduce protein into my diet but that it was challenging as I have various food intolerances. Sandra pointed me towards the products that she uses which were what/gluten/dairy/soya free and that’s how my journey to healthy eating began.

I was also on antidepressants and knew that, in order to come off them successfully, I had to change my diet and my eating habits.Through the 30 day healthy living programme with Sandra’s support, I was able to stop drinking coffee and learn how to make healthy choices. That was 4 months ago. My antidepressants have been reduced in half (I have to do it super slowly). I have not had a coffee in 4 months nor do I miss it. I have loads more energy and feel more alert than I have in years!

Sandra has been, and continues to be, super supportive and she celebrated with me all my achievements and accomplishments not matter how great or small they were! - Silvija